Institute Faculty

Bethany Nowviskie

Institute Director Bethany Nowviskie is the Director of Digital Research & Scholarship at the University of Virginia Library and Associate Director of the Scholarly Communication Institute (SCI).

Joseph Gilbert

Director, Software Track Joseph Gilbert is Web Developer for Public Services and formerly the Head of the Scholars' Lab at the University of Virginia Library.

Julie Sweetkind-Singer

Director, Stewardship Track Julie Sweetkind-Singer is Associate Director of Geospatial, Cartographic and Scientific Data & Services, Stanford University Libraries, and Program Director for the National Geospatial Data Archive.

Anne Knowles

Director, Scholarship Track Anne Kelly Knowles is Associate Professor of Geography at Middlebury College and editor of Placing History: How Maps, Spatial Data, and GIS are Changing Historical Scholarship.

Schuyler Erle

Schuyler Erle is a software developer and co-founder of EntropyFree. Erle is a lead developer of the OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap projects as well as a founding member of the OSGeo Foundation.

David Germano

David Germano is Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Director of the Tibetan and Himalayan Library (THL), and Director of SHANTI at the University of Virginia.

Sean Gillies

Sean Gillies is a programmer for the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University and Chief Engineer of the Pleiades Project. He has a strong background in open-source GIS and web development.

Christopher Gist

Christopher Gist is a GIS Specialist for the Scholars' Lab at the University of Virginia Library.

Wayne Graham

Wayne Graham is Head of Research and Development at the University of Virginia Library's Scholars' Lab.

Josh Greenberg

Josh Greenberg is the Director for Digital Strategy and Scholarship at the New York Public Library.

Martyn Jessop

Martyn Jessop is the Director of Teaching and GIS Project Manager at the Center for Computing in the Humanities (CCH), King's College London.

Kelly Johnston

Kelly Johnston is a GIS Specialist for the Scholars' Lab at the University of Virginia Library.

Matt Knutzen

Matt Knutzen is the Assistant Chief of the Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division at the New York Public Library.

Shekhar Krishnan

Shekhar Krishnan is a doctoral candidate at MIT and co-founder of EntropyFree. He also is active in the Zotero and OpenStreetMap communities.

Todd Presner

Todd Presner is Associate Professor of Germanic Languages, Comparative Literature, and Jewish Studies and Director of the Hypercities project at the University of California Los Angeles.

Benjamin Ray

Benjamin Ray is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia and creator of the Salem Witch Trials project.

Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson is a graduate student in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and a Scholars' Lab GIS student consultant.

Diana Sinton

Diana Sinton is Assistant Professor of Geography and Director of Spatial Curriculum and Research at the University of Redlands, leader of the LEarNing Spatially (LENS) initiative, and former Director of NITLE's GIS Program.

Adam Soroka

Adam Soroka is a software engineer for the Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia Library.

Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner is the Chief Technical Officer at FortiusOne and a leader of the neogeography movement. His efforts include GeoCommons, Mapufacture, and two books on the geospatial web for O'Reilly.

Madelyn Wessel

Madelyn Wessel, Esq. is Associate General Counsel at the University of Virginia and provides special advisement to the University of Virginia's University Librarian.