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Step By Step

Spatial Humanities Step By Step is an occasional publication of the Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship and the UVa Library Scholars' Lab. It features peer-reviewed tutorials and guides to getting things done in teaching and research with spatial tools and resources. We created Step By Step to help aggregate high-quality (yet simple-to-follow) tutorials and provide an opportunity for librarians and others to receive professional acknowledgment for the work that goes into creating them.

Interested in submitting content to Step By Step? Please .

Projects & Groups

Want to add new projects to the website, or register your group? We use Zotero to organize project lists and links to organizations. Join the HumanitiesGIS Zotero group and simply start adding items to the provided categories! The Spatial Humanities site refreshes its lists from this Zotero collection every night (so be aware that it may take a little while for your contributions to appear).

We have designated a few exemplary groups and undertakings as “Featured Projects.” Every so often, we will feature a new set of projects, drawn from the HumanitiesGIS Zotero group. Have a suggestion for one? Add it to the Zotero group and tweet about it using the hashtag #geoinst. We'll be happy to take a look!


As with our Projects & Groups section, by joining the HumanitiesGIS Zotero group, you can add new articles, books, websites, and other resources to our categorized bibliography. The original structure for this research collection was provided by Dr. Joanna Guldi, but the Spatial Humanities community is welcome to take the Zotero group forward in new ways. Please be aware that new entries will be available to fellow Zotero group members instantly, but may take up to 24 hours to appear on this website.

#geoinst Up-to-the-Minute

To share links and tweets with the Spatial Humanities community, simply tag Delicious entries and Twitter messages with "geoinst." You can learn more about tags at the Delicious and Twitter sites.

Questions & Answers

The Questions & Answers section is powered by two sites: Digital Humanities Questions & Answers (or DHAnswers) and the GIS Stack Exchange. To join the conversations, simply join one of these communities. On DHAnswers, be sure to tag your question or answer with "GIS" to link it to Spatial Humanities.